Parlor Poems


The bar and the sea.  November 11th, 2014. Mexico.

These parlor poems are traditional, literary poetry.

Poem Types

The Arrival of Autumn: Rhyme Scheme ABAB CDCD

The Bleak and Wild, Desolate Shore: Free Verse

Blue: Couplets

The Bouquet: Rhyme Schme AB CB DB EB

The Candle from the Cathedral: Rhyme Scheme BCAABBCBCCA

The Clouds of Passerines are Brittle: Sonnet

The Disappearance of a Cat: Sestina

The Hollow Man and the Zealot: Rhyme Scheme ABCABC DEFDEF

The Luthier Alone in his Workshop: Free Verse

The Monster, Malgremir: Narrative Poem

Music in Winter: Rhyme Scheme ABAB CDCD

Passion: Free Verse

The Prison: Rhyme Scheme ABABCDCD

The Restoration of Frost: Terza Rima, Narrative Poem

The Rope Fence of the Pastel Houses: Blank Verse

To Make a Bed: Blank Verse

Torture: Free Verse

Water: Free Verse