A bridge through mangroves.  Manda Island, Kenya.  November, 2014.

Welcome to my poetry page where you can find poems for different tastes.

There are nature poems:

There are form poems:

There are rough-and-tumble poems like The Candle From the Cathedral and The Hollow Man and the Zealot.

And there are poems which are best identified by their musical nature, like Water and The Rope Fence of the Pastel Houses.

There are even poetic stories, like the one that features an enchanted monster and a desert labyrinth: The Monster, Malgremir.

If you’d like to read a poem that gives strong images, you might try Blue.

There are other poems as well.  The Luthier Alone in His Workshop tells of a violin-maker trying out a violin.  To Make a Bed tells of an extramarital affair in blank verse.  The Prison talks about the dull days spent in a tropical prison, and the poem Passion is a short poem that talks about love.

Plus there are a couple of fun poems for kids: A Wildebeest Named Gnu and Mr. McGraff the Happy Giraffe.

Each poem also has information to accompany it.  I hope you enjoy reading them.

Dahlia.  Point Defiance Rose Garden, Tacoma, Washington.  August 21st, 2018.