Short Stories

Girl on a Rail.  Mexico, November 11th, 2014

Hi and welcome to the short story page.

The stories posted here fall into two camps.

There are horror stories like The Captain’s Company, Fingers, and The Skeleton Train.

There are also surreal stories like House and The Gift of Flight.

These stories were written over the course of a number of years, and each story has a different “story,” so to speak.

For instance, The Captain’s Company experienced more substantive changes than any other story.  Originally it was a prose poem, then it became part of a novel that I wrote, Trouble Aboard the Maiden’s Travel Without Any Trouble.  The character in The Captain’s Company, Captain Dylan, became the main antagonist in my novel.

Then I thought that parts of The Captain’s Company were too violent, so I scaled them back.  The result is what you see here — a story still chock full of barbaric outlaws, but more palatable than in previous drafts.

Another story, The Skeleton Train, was written more than a decade ago.  I liked The Skeleton Train when I wrote it, and, as time passed, I never forgot it.  For years, though, I did nothing with it.  Then a few years ago, I re-read it, and I added two words.  Yet, once again, I did nothing further with the story.  Recently, I re-read The Skeleton Train, and I took out the two words that I’d added in the meantime.  I changed a little punctuation, and now I’m putting it on this site.

Stories, like people, have histories.