Trouble Aboard the Maiden’s Travel Without Any Trouble is my novel.

It’s about a man named Bud Barrowston who struggles to be reaccepted into everyday society after his time in the penitentiary.  It’s about the villainous Captain Dylan who raids a yacht, the Travel Without Any Trouble.  It’s about Sierra, a young woman going through a divorce, and her struggles to discover who she is.  It’s about Hans, a time-traveler.  It’s about the freedom to practice what you believe, and it’s about what happens after death.  It’s about 100,000 words long.  It’s got illustrations and poetry.  It tells the story of my life and others’.  It tells of the obstacles that people overcome and of the hope that sets us free.

New chapters will be added as they’re completed.

Trouble Aboard the Maiden's Travel Without Any Trouble - Sierra and David