Maya Calle — 110 kilometers, Coba, y Valladolid

I rode 110 kilometers today, climbed the stairs of a Mayan temple, and am now sightseeing in Valladolid — the breakfast doughnut is long gone.

By David Murphy

David Murphy is an author. 
Contact him at: DavidMurphy13 at Gmail dot com.

6 replies on “Maya Calle — 110 kilometers, Coba, y Valladolid”

David, Looks like you are taking a wonderful cycling trip with lots of great sightseeing along the way. Your blog is really interesting and well written (as expected from a BFA in Creative Writing). Keep us up to speed as you can. Dad


Am reading Thor Heyerdahl´s, Aku-Aku: The Secrets of Easter Island, an account of his 1956 archaeological excavation of Easter Island. My friend Ty loaned it to me. Are you reading Octavio Paz?


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