I just found a live scorpion hiding between the folds of the toilet paper!

Hahaha — For those looking for a decaf way to wake up with energy, this beats coffee by a mile!  

These are Arizona bark scorpions.  The first one was climbing on the wall in my bathroom.  It’s the one with the bright yellow background.  I killed it with a metal coffee cup.

The other one I found when I took a quick trip to the bathroom.  I was unrolling the toilet paper, and it was hiding between the sheets of toilet paper!  I thought it was dead, because it was lying there so peacefully, so I finished up my duties, then I got my camera to take a picture.  I snapped a few photos of it, then I sent its picture to my friends.

But when I went back into the bathroom, the scorpion was not on the toilet paper where I had left it.  “Oh my,” I thought.  “It’s alive!  Where is it?!”  I was in my bare feet, so I moved quickly out of the bathroom.  I located the scorpion, took its photo, then killed it with my skateboard.

I have seen two more on the land that I live on.  Both were on the underside of a board.  One of them was a female, and she had five or six babies that she was carrying on her back.

The Arizona bark scorpion is poisonous.  It can kill pets, small children, and frail people, and it can lay a healthy adult human in bed for the day with pain and swelling.

By David Murphy

David Murphy is an author. 
Contact him at: DavidMurphy13 at Gmail dot com.

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