Sunday Limericks

Franz Marc – White Cat, 1912

The Man from New York
There once was a man from New York
Who never did eat with a fork
So when at home or with friends
He’d just use his hands
No matter if he ate spaghetti or pork!

The Chatty Girl from Cameroon
There was a chatty girl from Cameroon
Who refused to eat with a spoon
She would happily slurp her soup from the bowl
And mop up its dregs with a roll
And she was well loved from here to the moon!

The Cat with a Knife
There once was a cat with a knife
Who had used it for all of his life
He was a delicate cat
Who had manners and sat
And spoke of good fortune and life!


By David Murphy

David Murphy is an author. 
Contact him at: DavidMurphy13 at Gmail dot com.