Coupling in White Moonlight

You are as naked as my love:
Unclothed, uncovered, sensual.
White moonbeams kiss you from above
And cast shadows, still and skeletal.

My fingers touch your parted lips. 
Your soft hand feels my beating heart.
I kiss your thighs, your silky hips.
You slowly spread your legs apart.

Your legs grow long in the dim light
And flower in a fine petal.
Like blooming jasmine in the night,
You unfurl and slowly settle.

Our home stands on a rocky hill.
The sea breaks against stones beneath.
Through the window white moonbeams spill,
As creamy as a hyacinth.

Love is stronger than a feeling.
Love is blood for the human heart.
Love is folk theft, without stealing,
Cares taken as subtly as art.

Dreams are deeper than the ocean.
Our sleep together is a dream.
My eyes close.  I feel your motion,
Wavelike in the moonlight’s white beam.

The deep night washes over us
As we emerge from breathless drowning:
The little death, the intimate lust,
At once nothing and surrounding.

By David Murphy

David Murphy is an author. 
Contact him at: DavidMurphy13 at Gmail dot com.

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