Limericks Poems

Sunday Limericks

Edward Gorey - Irontonic
Edward Gorey – Illustration from The Iron Tonic, 1969.

The Witch’s Coven
There once was a foul witchy coven
Which met in the shire of Devon
They had cauldrons that boiled
And snakes that were coiled
And they baked small children in ovens!

The Cannibal Feast
There once was a cannibal feast
At which ten people were present, at least,
Although there may have been more
It’s quite hard to be sure
After they’ve been chopped and rolled in the grease!

The Woman from Marseille
A woman once lived in Marseille
Beneath the floor of the city ballet
The dancing went to her brain
And slowly drove her insane
Now she waltzes through graveyards for play!