The Heat

Paul Gauguin – Spirit of the Dead Keep Watch, 1892.

In this heat,
With the cicadas buzzing
Like chainsaws
And the dogs panting
Like lovers
There is nothing to do
But sweat
And sleep
And sleep
And sleep
Until you wash yourself
In the warm ocean
Until the rain falls
And turns the land green
Until the moon rises
And the heat
Like a cat
Curls up for a nap.
And then, only then,
Can you breathe.

Limericks Poems

Sunday Limericks

David Neal – After the Hunt, 1870.


The Dog and the Cat
There once was a dog and a cat
Who lived in the very same flat
To friendship they were amenable
A relationship that proved tenable
And together they grew happy and fat!

The Eagle and the Bear
There once was an eagle and bear
Who were an inseparable pair
The bear was a beast in the east
And the eagle would join in the feast
Whenever there was a carcass to share.

The Cat and the Mouse
There once was a cat and a mouse
Who lived in the very same house
They were both unprejudiced
And after much talking they kissed
Now they are each other’s spouse!


Limericks Poems

Sunday Limericks

Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin – Basket with Wild Strawberries, c. 1761

Strawberry Rinds
There once was a strawberry field
Which had a surreal yield
For in summer and spring
It would blossom and bring
Strawberries that had to be peeled.

Blueberry Bushes by Night
There once was a blueberry bush
With twigs, like hands, that could push
Against a man’s face in the night
To give his heart a great fright
And turn his knees to nothing but mush.

The Cranberry Bog Ghost
There once was a cranberry bog
In sap country in the midst of a fog
From off the bog came a smoke,
That wreathed ’round a maple and oak
Then took the form of a devilish dog.