Limericks Poems

Sunday Limericks

Carina Nebula
Photograph of the Carina Nebula, 7,500 light years away in the Carina Constellation.  Photo by NASA’s Hubble Wide Field Camera 3, 24 – 30 July, 2009.


The Death of George Floyd
There once was a man on the ground
On whom others did nothing but pound
He died on that day
In an unpleasant way
Now there are riots spreading around.
May 25th, 2020 George Floyd is killed in Minneapolis, MN.

SpaceX Astronauts Fly to the ISS
There once were two pioneers
Who orbited beyond Earth’s atmosphere
They rode a private company’s ship
For their groundbreaking trip
And furthered the human frontier.
May 30th, 2020, SpaceX’s Dragon capsule aboard the Falcon 9 lifts off for the International Space Station.

The Marvelous World
There once was a marvelous world
On which many plots and plans were unfurled
There were emperors and kings
And young children with dreams
And from a distance it seemed as small as a pearl.