Thoughts on an Unhappy Relationship

Sometimes after a frightful storm
We must burn our bridges to keep warm.


Disregard the Stars

For some people, there is only one true love, no matter who or what else may exist. “Disregard the Stars” describes that feeling of devotion.

The rhyme scheme is ababcdefefcdcd.

Vincent van Gogh – Starry Night of the Rhône, 1888.

Imagine if each of the stars was a lady
And the sky shone with their allure every night
Or if each leaf in a tree that is shady
Was a girl who was both lovely and bright
Still I would not look from your eyes
When you smile with your hands clasped in mine.
And think if each flash on the ocean
Was an old romance that sparked into flame
Or if each flicker on a land that lay frozen
Was a call to a new and voluptuous game
Still I’d use every means ever devised
To keep our loving hearts well intertwined
For it’s true that love knows no demise
When devotion and affection align.