Sunday Limericks

Ferdinand Van Kessel – The Dance of the Rats, 1690.

The Nudists from Sweden
There once were three women from Sweden
Who dressed like they were from Eden
They walked around in the nude
With a happy naturist attitude
And they got even tans from their freedom!

The Dancing Mouse
There once was a mouse who could dance
And he waltzed by a river in France
His beautiful dance was so slow
Beneath the moon wan and low
That it was like he moved in a trance.

Schrödinger’s Cat
There once was Schrödinger’s cat
Who was quite happy and fat
Although physicists said
He could be both living and dead
The cat was indifferent to that!

Limericks Poems

Sunday Limericks

Josefa de Óbidos – Still Life with Sweets, 1676

The Ballerina
There once was a girl from Argentina,
From the city of Magdalena,
She was as slender as a fawn
As graceful as a swan,
And so she became a ballerina.

The Lucky Kentuckian
There once was a child from Kentucky,
One who was bold and brave and quite plucky
He would bet on horse races,
On dice, and on aces,
And he would win because he was lucky.

The Girl from Berlin
There once was a girl from Berlin
Who thought butter and cream were a sin
She said cakes came at too high a cost
But she never knew what she lost—
For there’s a price for staying too thin!