Camel Train with the Moon Over the Mountains

Photos: Late afternoon, 31 August 2009, just south of Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan at the foothills of the Hindu Kush Mountains. Camels transporting grain from the city through the mountains.

Darul Aman Palace

Kabul, Afghanistan. 🇦🇫

Darul Aman Palace, Kabul, Afghanistan; 15 January 2010. The palace was damaged during the 1990s by Mujahideen during the Afghan Civil War. The building has since been restored.

I took all the photos. I intend to post more photos on this site, in addition to contributing new poetry. For Muslims, today is a day of celebration: Eid al-Fitr. Eid Mubarak.

Limericks Poems

Sunday Limericks

Bison Snow

The Man of the Prairie
A boy was once born on the prairie
In a bleak night’s blizzard in January
The drifts blew high against posts
And the wind howled like wild ghosts
He grew to be a hard man and solitary.

The Afghan
A boy was once born in Afghanistan
Near the peak of a Hindu Kush mountain
He came during a short, gentle spring
To a mother who would sing
And he became a kind and gentle man.

The City Girl
There once was a girl born in the city
In a neighborhood both dark and gritty
Her mother gave her books and red bows
Her father called her his lovely rose
And she grew up to be both bright and pretty.

The Political Scene
There once was a political scene
Where politicians were awful and mean
They loved to berate and to hate
And when they called themselves great
The people wished they’d get COVID-19.

The Coronavirus
There once was a coronavirus
And news of it did much to tire us
All the games were postponed
And the children sent home
So the disease’s demise was desirous.