Darul Aman Palace

Kabul, Afghanistan. 🇦🇫

Darul Aman Palace, Kabul, Afghanistan; 15 January 2010. The palace was damaged during the 1990s by Mujahideen during the Afghan Civil War. The building has since been restored.

I took all the photos. I intend to post more photos on this site, in addition to contributing new poetry. For Muslims, today is a day of celebration: Eid al-Fitr. Eid Mubarak.


A Lover’s Rhyme

Frank Dicksee - Romeo and Juliet
Frank Dicksee – Romeo and Juliet

On an autumn morning, chill and fair,
early snow slicks Istanbul’s cobblestones,
baklava scents the Bosphorus air,
and caressing lovers lie as bare as bones.

Leafless branches reticulate the Charles Bridge,
while wind knots the old square’s fog;
crows stare balefully from Saint Vitus’ ridge,
and lovers vanish in the shadows of Prague.

One spring day in the serried Balkans,
where the granite rises in a sagittate spine,
amidst meadows and wildflowers two lovers lie talking,
deaf to the world in the midst of that chine.

Each lover’s story is like a scene in an arras,
woven by hand from Kabul to Paris,
in the dells, the cities, and the lands in between,
where time doesn’t matter in the weave of the scene.